How to Get to Know Your Audience Better

Businesses need to understand everything about their target audience. They need to understand them from their demographics all the way to their buying behavior. However, not all businesses know exactly who their customer are. If you can’t answer this question, you’re in big trouble. How are you supposed to know who to market to if you don’t know your audience? There are simple tactics that can help you unearth and understand your audience better.

Do your research. Find out who exactly your audience is and what the demographics are. Make sure that the demographics you selected are right for your brand and product. You can use many free online tools like American FactFinder and Pew Research Center to learn more about the demographics and social media habits of the population. However, don’t just stop at the specific demographics of the region you are marketing to. Do more advanced research and find out the niches and norms of the area you are looking at. The more you know about them, the more ways you’ll be able to find to connect with them.

Look at your competitors. Evaluate someone who has a similar target market. Take notes on what they succeed with and what they fail at. There’s a chance your competitor may not know exactly what they’re doing. This gives you a chance to see more places where you can connect with your audience.

Monitor reader comments and engagement. Look at what your audience is responding to, how they’re responding, and how often they’re responding. Was it a specific shirt that got more comments than others? Was it the use of photos or different words? Was it a negative or positive response? You can use the information you discover to find out what your audience wants to hear.

Conduct surveys. This is the most straightforward way of learning more about exactly what the audience thinks and wants. It’s not complicated to conduct a simple survey, but you should always be wary of the results. While the results do give valuable information, you must always be cautious of the margin of error and if the survey is fairly represented.

Listen. As they always say, “The customer is always right.” Look on the web and research what your audience is interested in and what is most popular. Listen to the parts that are most relevant to your business, and you’ll learn a lot.

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