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Manage Customer Interactions Between Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger

Facebook has released updates to Messenger that will allow cross-app communication with Instagram. Included in these updates was Messenger API, which will allow businesses to manage their communications across Instagram and Messenger.

This update will allow businesses to connect their Instagram messages with the application that they already use to manage their Facebook conversations. A business will now be able to pull up information about the customers before they respond to their messages. They will also be able to manage other parts of their Instagram accounts using the API, like their Stories or Profiles.

Over the past year, communication with businesses began to grow on Instagram due to the introduction of shopping directly through the app. Instagram is pushing this function, so it makes sense why they would try to make it easier for businesses to communicate directly with their customers. There are other new features being introduced to Instagram in the future that will allow the use of automation to answer messages with an option for live support if necessary. In using this automated response, businesses can maintain good response rates and can help reduce time wasted individually answering frequently asked questions.

With this update, there will be a separate inbox for business inquiries on the same page as the Messenger app that is used to talk to friends and family through Facebook. This way, users don’t have to continue to toggle back and forth between different apps in order to respond to customers. This was a major complaint about many businesses that utilize these tools.

Facebook has already introduced communication between Facebook and Instagram messenger for the average user. This allows Instagram users to message Facebook users through the Instagram app, and vice versa. To do this, you just have to type their Facebook or Instagram name into the search box, and their profile will come up under a separate “Following on Instagram” or “Facebook Friends” section.

With the impacts of COVID-19, this update would be ideal for businesses using Facebook and Instagram. Businesses are being flooded with new questions via Facebook and Instagram about the status of the operation, safety guidelines, precautions, etc. These customers all expect quick and informational responses, and this update would help to increase response rates for the businesses that adopt the new system.

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