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Keeping Plugins Updated and Using a Managed WordPress Host

Why Is It Important That Your Plugins Stay Up-To-Date?

Keeping your plugins updated can help ensure that your website is secure and safe from hackers or malware. When your plugins are up to date you are most protected from outside negative impacts that hunt for vulnerable sites. It can also make sure that your data remains intact and your website is always accessible and functional at all times. Failing to keep your plugins up to date can cause site crashes or unresponsive pages that will result in downtime, and therefore limit traffic to your site during those times. 

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a service that takes some of the burdens of managing your website away. When you are using an unmanaged WordPress site, you are left on your own to make sure that your website stays protected and up-to-date. With a managed host, your provider does the work for you and manages the back end of your site. This includes updating your site and its plugins to keep it up and running correctly. 

Pros Of Managed WordPress Hosting

Using a managed WordPress host means that the host will take care of updates for you. This gives you one less thing to worry about and ensures that everything is done efficiently and correctly. Another pro is that they will continuously scan your site for threats, and respond immediately. If left on your own, maintaining your site can be forgotten about easily and left on the back burner. When it is being managed for you, threats will be found much quicker, and will therefore be taken care of quicker as well. Keeping all of your plugins up to date will also increase the speed of your site. A managed WordPress host will know the WordPress platform like the back of their hand. This is beneficial for those who are new to website building and don’t know much about it. 

Where Do I Go Next?

There are plenty of managed WordPress hosting plans available around the web today. Finding the right provider may be tricky. There may also be different plans that these providers offer that may be more catered to your specific needs. Some widely used managed WordPress hosting providers include Flywheel, DreamHost, WP Engine, and Kinsta. Taking a look at these commonly used hosts may be a great start, but it is important to understand what it is you need, and if they can offer it. 

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