Client Spotlight – Dream Castle Escapes

We are proud to feature one of our most magical clients, Dream Castle Escapes, which is owned and operated by Loren and Blake Schuette. As the late and great Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”, and that’s exactly what this mother-daughter duo did. They took their passion for all things “faith, trust, and pixie dust” and turned it into a fully functioning vacation planning business for families looking for stress-free and fun-filled getaways.

Here at Robb Digital, working and collaborating with Loren and Blake was just as magical as a Walt Disney vacation. Using strategic planning and creative minds, we were able to harness their vision and turn their website into one that better suited their needs when they rebranded their business. Keep reading to learn more about how Robb Digital transformed their client’s website into one that Walt Disney himself would approve of!

Our Client

These two self-proclaimed Disney lovers have been visiting the Walt Disney parks for as long as they can remember. Whether it was to commemorate birthdays or graduations or simply just for fun – you could always find them celebrating in the parks surrounded by friends and family. It was during these memorable vacations that they began to recognize their passion for Disney magic, and a desire to replicate that feeling for other families. That is when the idea of Dream Castle Escapes was born and from that point on, they lived happily ever after!

Their Challenge

When we first met Loren and Blake, they were running a full-service event and party planning company called Dream Castle Events. Organizing, planning, and designing social events for family and friends was always something they enjoyed. As their passion grew, so did their drive to grow their business and rebrand – pivoting away from event planning and towards vacation planning. Blake and Loren had a vision for a new website but needed someone’s help to design and execute those ideas for them. Just as it did for Cinderella, the glass slipper fit and that’s where Robb Digital stepped in!

Our Winning Solution

With a dream in hand and an experienced digital marketing agency for support, Robb Digital was able to execute a complete website redesign, transforming the Dream Castle Events site into DreamCastleEscapes.com. Their new website includes an eye-catching theme, show-stopping images, and user-friendly navigation. At Robb Digital, we know what it takes to take your business to the next level. We did it for Dream Castle Escapes and now we’re ready to do it for you too!

Screenshots of the Website

Here are some screenshots of the new websites. Check out the gallery below

Shout Out

“Turning the pandemic into something positive, we decided to take the opportunity to rebrand and restructure our business. A large, important part of this effort was redesigning our website. We are thrilled with the outcome. It is professional, visually appealing and most importantly, FUN! The website really makes people want to go to Disney.”

Loren and Blake Schuette

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