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Keeping Humanity in Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Why AI Falls Short

In the ever-evolving world of online marketing, AI is quickly gaining popularity and becoming more prevalent in various marketing strategies. Although it does have some benefits, such as automation, analytics, and predictive data, it also has a significant downside: the loss of humanity in a sector where human connection and authenticity are essential.

This article explores why keeping humanity in your digital marketing strategy is critical for success in today’s competitive marketing landscape.


Humanity: The Essential Element in Marketing

At the heart of every successful marketing campaign lies trust and authenticity. Consumers are bombarded with advertisements and promotions at every turn, making it necessary for brands to stand out by fostering genuine connections.
Humanizing your digital marketing strategy allows you to foster those genuine connections. It enables you to showcase the people behind your brand, share authentic stories, and build trust with your audience. AI can hinder those connections when overused, leading to less trust and connection.


What Do I Need for a Successful Marketing Strategy?

There are many integral aspects to a successful digital marketing strategy centered around human interaction and authenticity. AI can hinder the necessary engagement that will foster a building of trust between your brand and your audience.


Creativity and Innovation

A successful marketing strategy requires both innovation and creativity, two things AI can’t deliver. It requires new ideas that can reach your audience in a meaningful way—in a way that’s possible because you know and have connected with your audience.

Though AI can analyze data faster than humans, humans can still rely on their own creativity and innovation to implement new marketing strategies. AI relies solely on what is already out there to “learn” from. Brand new ideas continue to come from human innovation.

AI falls short when it comes to new ideas, innovation, and connecting with your audience, all of which are essential components of a successful marketing strategy.


Foster Genuine and Meaningful Connections

At its core, marketing is about building relationships. Humanizing your digital marketing strategy allows you to foster meaningful connections with your audience.

By actively listening to your audience and customers, soliciting feedback, and engaging in conversations, you can cultivate an environment of genuine trust and loyalty with your customers.

AI can’t replace the human touch in a sector where genuine and meaningful connections lead to a successful marketing campaign.


Standing Out in a Crowded Market

With countless online brands vying for consumers’ attention, standing out from the crowd is no easy feat. Humanizing your digital marketing efforts provides a unique opportunity to differentiate your brand by showcasing its personality, values, and unique selling propositions tailored to your specific audience.

You can cut through the noise and leave a lasting impression on your audience by using authenticity, empathy, and humanity in your messaging.


Treating Customers as Individuals Rather Than Data Points

Humanizing your digital marketing strategy enables you to better understand your audience’s needs, preferences, and pain points, allowing you to tailor your messaging and services accordingly.

By putting the customer at the center of your strategy and treating them as individuals rather than data points, you can deliver more personalized and engaging experiences, eventually leading to customer loyalty.

The nature of AI is to treat everything and everyone as data points. While this can aid in predictive modeling, it can’t help treat customers as individuals.


Advantages of AI Use in Marketing: Use in Moderation

AI has redefined many processes of current businesses. It is a powerful tool that can (and I believe should) be used strategically and intelligently. While we believe that the majority of your marketing strategy should be human-centered and focused on authenticity, there are some aspects of marketing where AI can be beneficial.

AI is only successful when it does what it was made to do, including things like predictive data, reading analytics, research, or analyzing market trends. You can use AI to aid you by capitalizing on the trust and authenticity you have already built with your audience, which was built through human-to-human interaction.

It is a powerful tool for marketing strategy; however, it should only be utilized for what it was made for and, more importantly, used in moderation. Most of your marketing strategy should be as human-centric and authentic as possible.

Use AI strategically to aid the business in focusing on human-to-human interaction, but don’t replace human interaction!



Machines can’t replace human roles like emotional intelligence and genuine connection used for marketing strategies. When used correctly, in moderation, and for the right tasks, AI can help lead to better marketing decisions and eventually aid in focusing on the humanity aspect of marketing. Utilize AI in your marketing to help you, but not replace you…because no machine can replicate your human touch.

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