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SEO Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Generating traffic, leads, and sales for your website is extremely important for your business. While studies show that 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine, 75% of users never scroll to the second page of results, and 70% to 80% of users completely ignore paid search advertisements. Therefore, you’re going to have to complete with a lot of other websites to get to the top. Here are 4  great tips to help you boost your ranking:

Use Competitive Analysis

A good way to optimize your SEO efforts is to analyze successful competition. Check out what your competitors are doing right and what they’re doing wrong to see how you can copy or even beat their successful tactics. It is a good marketing strategy to have an understanding of what other people are doing rather than build a strategy from scratch. Consider looking through their blog posts and focusing on keyword placement, length, and number of images.

Get Active On Social Media

Presence on social media can influence how search engines determine who to rank high and who to rank low. Search engines determine the quality of your website and where they should place you according to your niche within a topic. They take into account how active your social media is, how up-to-date your social media account is, and how many shares your website content is generating.

Optimize On-Page Elements

It’s crucial to optimize all of the on-page elements on your site. Make sure you examine your keyword placement and include primary keywords in the title tag of your page as well as in meta descriptions. Another way to optimize your on-page SEO is to increase the word count of your blog posts; generally, longer posts are better.

Generate Backlinks

Backlinks are links that go from someone else’s website to your website and are a great way to generate traffic and increase your rankings at the same time. Backlinks tell Google that the referring website trusts you, and if that website has a high domain authority it is good for your ranking. It’s a good tactic to create an infographic and ask other blogs to share that infographic.

Generating passive traffic may not be easy at first, but spending time and using these steps can get your website to the top. Contact Robb Digital for assistance in improving your ranking and becoming the website that tops the search engines.

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