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How Your Business Can Make the Most of Instagram Stories

Instagram is emerging as an extremely useful tool for businesses to utilize for marketing.  Instagram has so many features that you may not be using that will expand your reach. We are here to tell you about ways you can use this social media tool to help your business.

Instagram Highlights

Instagram highlights are snippets from your story that you want to stay on your profile forever.  You can choose these highlights, so the more relevant to your profile, the better. Your highlights should be what you think your audience would find useful and represent your brand.  For example, if you run a business that sells food products it may be useful to include recipes using your products, or you could include promotions and sales. You can have multiple highlights and name them with a limit of 11-12 characters.  You can choose a cover, a color, and an image for the highlight. We recommend that you use Canva to design your highlight cover.

Instagram Live

Use Instagram live as a tool to make announcements to your audience.  You can let your users know that you have just posted a blog, launched a new product, and more.  This allows you to converse with your audience in real-time. You can ask them for their feedback on what they want to see more of and they can reply in the comments.  Additionally, you can answer their questions. This creates a more personable relationship with your audience because you are showing that you care about their feedback and are willing to take the time to answer their questions.

Hashtags and Locations

A great way to use hashtags and locations to your brand’s benefit is to include hashtags that will show up in stories that are relevant to your location.  This is a great way to gain a larger following because you are not just limited to your followers. Additionally, adding your location can give your viewers more information about your brand.  This will increase your ability to connect with people in your area if you are interested in doing a collaboration or partnership.

Animated GIFs

One of Instagram’s newest features is animated GIFs.  These are fun ways to add character to your posts. The moving graphic adds a dynamic and entertaining feel.  You can enhance the point you are trying to get across by adding a relevant GIF. You can even add moving arrows to show your audience the link that you want them to click on or the focal point of the post.  However, make sure you don’t overuse them, you still want your post to look good!

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