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A Guide To Writing Better Meta-Descriptions to Boost Your SEO Ranking

Meta descriptions play a big role in search results. A meta description is the snippet of text below each link in search results. They also appear when people share content on websites and social media channels. They provide more information about a website to search engines and searches by describing the contents of a web page and convincing searchers to click the link. Therefore, writing a good one that captures attention is important to drive traffic to your page. Here are some helpful tips to assist you in crafting the perfect meta-description.  

Be specific and use a keyword

Meta-descriptions only have a few sentences to capture an audience’s attention, so they should be specific and relevant, including a focus keyword. Use relevant language that will appeal to your audience and be specific about what your website offers.

Include a call-to-action

It’s also important to use action-oriented language containing a call-to-action. Make sure your description uses present-tense, actionable language. It should include a description of exactly what you want the searcher to do or explain exactly what will happen if they click the link. Great words to try when writing a call-to-action are words like “Learn,” “Discover,” “Experience,” or “Read” so the searcher has a clear idea of what clicking on your website will provide.

Provide a benefit

Your meta-description should also provide a solution or benefit. Use your meta-description to explain how your website will give your audience what they’re looking for, and how clicking on your link will benefit them in the end. This is crucial when competing with other blogs or websites because you want the searcher to pick your website to click on, not someone else’s.

Keep it short

Remember to keep the description short and sweet, because people only have an attention span of about eight seconds. Don’t assume searchers will read the entire description, and remember that Google and other search engines will cut the description if it’s too long. Therefore, make sure to put your most valuable information at the beginning of your meta-description.

Be inspiring

You never want to deceive the searcher, but you do want to inspire curiosity. Be honest about what your website will provide, but withhold a little bit of information so the searcher will want to learn more. If you can make them curious about what is on your website, they will most definitely click your link.

Meta descriptions play a huge role in explaining your web page content and inspiring searchers to click. Adding them is simple and if you follow these tips writing them can be too! For more information and guidance on how to write meta-descriptions contact our team at Robb Digital today.

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