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Robb Digital Calls BS on These So-called 2018 “Trends”

A new year means a bunch of new “trends” in the digital marketing arena. The experts at Robb Digital have taken a look at these so-called trends and are calling BS. We want you to succeed, and for that reason, we’ve revealed these 9 common tips that you shouldn’t take. Read on to find out why.

Chatbots will become the #1 form of customer-to-business communication…BS

Some people say that the popularity of chatbots will emerge in 2018 out of frustration of issues with email communication. However, many are already annoyed with chatbots since they are not being used effectively on the internet. Many companies employ them but do not keep them manned, leaving a customer waiting for a significant amount of time just to speak to a representative. Trust has not yet been established with this form of communication. Instead, consumers still would rather turn to a contact form.

You HAVE TO Join all social media platforms to market your business…BS

Establishing a presence on a wide variety of social media platforms is crucial, however aiming to use all social media platforms for your marketing campaign is highly unnecessary. Aside from being difficult to maintain, it would be a waste of time and resources that could be applied toward tactics of greater value. Instead of using all platforms, we will suggest you to find out which of them are being used by your customers. Any platform that has a high number of prospective customers will be one worth joining and mastering.

When it comes to social media, “be where the Millennials/Generation Z are”…BS

Many think that it’s beneficial to follow the younger generations around on social media–to constantly interact with them, target them and track their behavior. We’re putting an end to this idea. Stop chasing the younger generations on social media! Become more concerned with gaining attention from a range of different age groups UNLESS your audience is only that younger generation. Focusing too much on one age demographic, if you have multiple targets could be hurtful to your overall marketing, and even reflect in profit margins.

Facebook is not a place for B2B marketing…BS

Too often at Robb Digital, we hear references to Facebook as solely a business-to-consumer platform. However, we have to disagree. Facebook is an essential business-to-business platform because of its tools, content, and popularity. Facebook’s advertising targeting plays a significant role for B2B marketing. It allows us to target certain people based on the industry they work in, along with their occupations, specific job titles and business interests. B2B marketing would not be the same without Facebook, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be taking advantage of Facebook too.

Twitter is out, other social media platforms are way more relevant…BS

People are saying that Twitter is rumored to be on the decline, however, according to, Twitter has been steadily accumulating active users. In Quarter 3 of 2017, reported Twitter had around 330 million active users worldwide. It would be a mistake to ignore such a huge platform, simply because it is not improving at the same rate as the other social media platforms.

Search engine advertising is the best form of online advertising…BS

Despite popular opinion, search engine advertising may not be your best option for advertising online. Often, and for many different types of clients, we suggest turning to Facebook advertising as an alternative. It can be more cost effective, less competitive and has great tools for targeting and remarketing. For ecommerce clients their dynamic remarketing capability is tremendously effective for our clients. We have seen one client have a Return of Ad Spend (ROAS) of $15 for every dollar spent on ads there.

The most important goal for SEO is to come up number 1 in search results…BS

Most people are under the impression that the essential goal of SEO is to get ranked #1. This however is not true. Being in the number one position on Google is not the silver bullet to a digital success. The most important thing is the amount of organic traffic you are getting to your site. The volume of organic traffic can be affected not only by the rankings, but also by the copy that shows up in the organic listing of your site and the speed of your site on desktop and mobile, among other things. It is the organic traffic you should be striving to achieve, and then the quality of that traffic, not solely the number 1 ranking.

Blogging will die out as a result of the prevalence of video…BS

It’s no secret that videos are growing up in terms of popularity, but certainly not enough to overshadow blogging. Blogging is a staple of marketing and it’s here to stay. It is flexible and adaptable to different individuals depending on the topic at hand. Written copy such as blogs is still crucial to SEO too. Everyone can benefit from blogging, which is exactly why it should be valued just as much as video, if not more.

The Influencer market will collapse…BS, BS, BS!

Since the rapid growth of social media, influencers have been utilized to bring attention to a brand, and build a favorable attitude toward it. Consumers want a reason to trust a new brand, or feel more positively about it, which is exactly why influencers are needed. The influencer market is booming, and still growing to this day.

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