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Preparing For a New Era of SEO

Everywhere you turn, there is someone on a smartphone or a tablet. Smartphone usage is up 394% from 2015 and tablet usage is up 1,721%, which now account for 60% of time spent on digital media. With mobile usage becoming more prominent in today’s world, the ways and trends of SEO are changing. We have approached the new era of SEO. In a few years, it is possible that it will not look like it does today. Look at these three key reasons why you may not recognize SEO in five years.

  • Mobile Search
    Many users no longer have a home computer, and they solely rely on their smartphone and tablet. According to Forrester Research, consumers spend 85% of their time using apps on their smartphones. It does not look like desktop browser use is declining, but it has flat-lined. Now that a large majority of consumers’ time is spent on mobile phones, what does this mean for SEO? This means that better app searching is coming. It is something that is inevitable.
  • Social Search
    Over the last few years, our favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have released a collection of new features. Many of which allow users to search for content easily within the platforms. The great thing about these searches is that they target content and not just people. This is a great way to keep users on their site and not just pass through.
  • Voice Search and Personal Assistants
    New technology like Siri and Alexa are voice-activated assistants created by Apple and Amazon, respectively. There is also Google’s Google Now, and Microsoft’s Cortana. The emergence of voice-active personal assistants had developed at a rapid pace. It allows users to quickly search for information without having to lift a finger, but rather say something like, “Hey, Alexa. What’s new?” Amazon’s Alexa then will play the news and weather relevant to the location. This new technology is changing the structure of the queries. For example, it will optimize queries like, “What should I do tonight?” as opposed to structured searches like “Best New Jersey Restaurants.”

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