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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 2-10-2017

There have been a number of new digital marketing trends pop up this year. We have compiled a list of helpful blogs to give you some fresh and unique ideas for your digital marketing strategy! This weeks blogs focus on using video to attract more business, marketing technology, creating killer SEO plans and more.

5 Ways Companies Can Use Videos To Attract More Business

The importance of video continues to grow. Just like photos, videos evoke emotions and give viewers a sense of being part of the action. This blog will show you how to incorporate video into your website to engage customer and grow your business.

How To Stay Relevant as a Marketer in a Crazy Martech World

Martech, or marketing technology, is constantly changing making it difficult to stay relevant. Remaining well versed in marketing technology will separate an okay business from a fantastic one. This blog features 10 ways to stay relevant and grow your business.

How To Create a Killer SEO Plan for 2017

SEO is an important tool for every digital marketer. Creating an optimal user experience is important for your current and future clients. This blog will help you build a killer SEO plan in 2017.

Mobile Local Marketing: Reaching the Mobile Customer

Having a strong mobile presence is a must for 2017. Mobile devices continue to be one of the main ways that users access websites. This blog will teach you the tips and tricks to use mobile marketing to reach your customers.

Bing Ads Rolling Out List Exclusions For Retargeting Ads

Bing’s search retargeting is now letting advertisers create audience lists of the users who have visited the site from clicking on search ads. This is a great way to find out your audience and see what ad’s are actually bringing in customers for your business. This a great marketing tactic and an easy way to learn about your audience and future clients.

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