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8 Things You Should be Doing in 2017 for Your Social Media Presence

Social Media is a huge asset in the digital marketing world. 2017 presents more opportunities for social media to grow and become an even bigger resource for your company. Having a strong social media presence can help you thrive and develop stronger outreach between you and your clients. How can you create a stronger presence? Here are a few things should be doing in 2017 to help get your social media on top.

  • Set Goals – Setting goals for your social media calendar is step one in building and keeping a thriving presence in 2017. Build a calendar for your posts so you can organize your information and any visuals you may want to add. This will give your company a more structured presence on your platforms and your audience will be able to follow your posts more effectively.
  • Know Your Audience – Understanding your audience on social media will keep your presence strong. Getting to know your clients can help you determine what your audience may like or dislike, the best time to post on certain platforms, and what type of content to share (links, photos, videos). Awareness is key when it comes to building your social media status in 2017.
  • Social Media Optimization – Being able to connect with your present audience while bringing in more viewers is what social media is all about! Increase your social media presence by using keywords that relate to your company and when searched will help make your social media more recognized. In addition to using keywords, partnering with other companies will spread your name through other websites and media platforms.
  • Trends – If you are looking to extend your reach on social media, being aware of what’s trending will bring in more of an audience. Popular posts on social media are frequently viewed and get the most attention. Use trending hashtags or phrases to shape a post and attract more visitors to your sites.
  • Be Real – It is important that your clients know that your social media accounts are being run by a human! Keep your posts raw and real. Be able to interact with your audience and build relationships, so they know exactly who is behind the company. Be able to answer questions, respond to concerns, and fix problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Update Your Look – Start 2017 with a fresh look. The way your website, pages, and profiles look is just as important as the content that you put out. Using images and videos adds more flavor to a blog post and can create more attention. Add visual content that is personal to you and will help your audience know what your company is about.
  • Integrate Social Media on Your Website – Integrate social media icons on top, bottom, or along the side of your site to help visitors find your company’s social media presence. Be sure to include social media sharing buttons on your blog posts to increase the likelihood of people sharing your content on different social media platforms.
  • Dare to Be Different – Step out of your comfort zone when it comes to social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the basics, but what about everything else out there? Search for new social media platforms that fit your brand’s message to improve your audience outreach. Don’t be afraid to try new and innovative ways of sharing your content that catches the viewer’s eye!

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