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6 Ways to Revive Your SEO Rankings After They Drop

If you’ve ever experienced a sudden drop in SEO ratings, you’re probably also familiar with the panic it can create. When ratings drop, you cannot help but to feel disappointed, discouraged, and even frightened for the future of your company. You may have made some mistakes in your SEO strategy, but oftentimes when rankings suffer, it is natural and not permanent. Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to recover from a rating deficit. Here are 6 tips to help bring your rankings back to life and get your SEO strategy back on track again.

  1. Update Your Web Page: As simple as it sounds, a web page revamping may be all your website needs to increase rankings. Keeping your page up-to-date encourages people to remain active on the site for longer. When your visual content is pleasing to the eye, people are more likely to stick around. Updated web pages will also cause others to share your content and link to your site.
  2. Clean Up Low-Quality Links: Using an abundance of low-quality links as opposed to a few high-quality links is a common mistake in digital marketing. These low-quality links may be the source of your drop in rankings. Although managing these links may not be directly in your control, it is still important to make your best effort to rid of the ones that are hurting you.
  3. Check Redirects & Make Sure They’re All Still Live: Redirects can be essential to sustaining sufficient rankings.  Because of this, websites rely on these redirects to assure their ranking success. That being said, sometimes redirects can be broken, modified, or dropped, posing a threat to your site traffic. It is important to conduct periodic checks to make sure your redirects are all active and performing as expected.
  4. Optimize Site Design: The strong prevalence of technological devices in today’s world (i.e cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) makes it especially challenging to attain high SEO rankings. If your rankings have recently dropped and your site is not user-friendly on all device types, it’s time to optimize your site design. Google will not rank mobile-unfriendly devices high because a large portion of people are accessing the internet via mobile devices. Be sure that your site is easily accessible from all devices to avoid causing further harm to your rankings.
  5. Use Internal Linking: Internal linking is another simple tactic used to increase rankings.  It is often overlooked, therefore its value is underestimated. Adding internal links takes time, but will be advantageous to your digital marketing strategy in the long run. After implementing internal links, your future rankings are sure to improve.
  6. Increase Loading Speed of Website: It is no question that your site rankings are at risk when your website’s loading speed is weak. A slow site means a poor user experience, so improving your speed is crucial to better rankings. Faster page loading speeds lead to pleased viewers and motivates them to remain on-site for longer. Making improvements to site speed is highly suggested when SEO rankings are low.  

Implementing these six tips will surely improve your SEO strategy, and assure higher rankings.  Robb Digital can help your company develop its digital presence through innovative and effective SEO and SEM strategies. Contact us to learn how we can help grow your business online.

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