Best Practices for WordPress Maintenance

The stress and anxiety of building your site is behind you, but your work is not over yet.  Now that your site is established, you have to make sure various elements are properly tended to on a regular basis. This will minimize error, keep your site up-to-date, and please your visitors.

Check up on website speed

Periodically checking your speed is definitely an important habit to adopt. Site speed can be a make-or-break factor when visitors view your site. Your bounce rate depends on site speed and efficiency. You can check on your site speed by running speed tests. Some speed test programs also inform you about the steps you can take to improve speed.

Keep it organized

WordPress plugins act as the building blocks to your site, and they require close maintenance. This means that it is important to only keep the plugins you’re using, and eliminate the ones you’re not making use of. Eliminating unused plugins reduces clutter and keeps your site’s backend organized.

Back it up

For safety reasons, it’s in your best interest to keep your site backed up.  This way, in the case that problems arise, you’ll avoid chaotic endeavors required to restore your site. Try backing up your website monthly through the various WordPress backup plugins available in the marketplace.

Update Regularly

Plugins, themes and cores require updating, so neglecting to keep them up-to-date is likely to hurt your site. WordPress often releases updates to make improvements to security, and offers advanced features to better your site. Keeping your site updated will not only assure more security from threats like hackers, it will maximize viewer experience as well.

Search Engine Maintenance

As a digital marketing agency, you know we couldn’t leave this one out. Search engines are the primary way for viewers to find your site. Thus, search engine optimization is crucial for your site, and requires proactive work. Maintaining your SEO is a vital piece of your overall site maintenance. It increases chances viewers come across your site in their search, and makes your site more accessible through search engines overall.

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