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Best of Digital Marketing From Around The Web 7-5-2019

Happy 4th of July! We hope that everyone has a fun-filled and safe holiday weekend. We sure had fun putting together this week’s lists of best digital marketing blogs. From must-know news regarding Instagram ads to fun ad campaigns food companies like Sabra and fast-food chain Wendy’s are running, you are going to want to check this blog out!  

Instagram to Start Showing Ads In Explore Tab

Yes, you read that correctly, Instagram is going to “slowly and thoughtfully” introduce ads into the explore tab of the app.  This is huge since Instagram’s advertising business and user engagement have been growing more rapidly than Facebook. Read more to find out how this will work.

Sabra Warns ‘The Vegans are Coming’ with a hotline for summer barbecue hosts

Sabra runs a fun marketing campaign “The Vegans are coming” and they even set up a hotline active through this holiday weekend! If you are interested the hotline is 1-866-code-vegan. The basis of this campaign is backed by internal research that shows that half of the surveyed adults are unsure how to cater to vegan visitors.  A great way to promote their products is through the summer barbecue season. Part of their campaign is sharing fun vegan recipes with their products. 

BevNET Live Summer 2019: Vital Proteins CEO on Customer Acquisition and E-Commerce

A great video featuring Vital Proteins CEO, Kurt Seidensticker. Vital Proteins is a collagen supplement company that has a strong online presence. See what Kurt has to say about customer acquisition and e-commerce in this extremely informative video! 

Wendy’s Bringing Back Discontinued Spicy Nuggets because of Chance the Rapper’s popular Social Media Campaign 

If you are a fan of Wendy’s spicy nuggets this is big news for you! Wendy’s recently announced it is bringing back its spicy nuggets in August! But how did they announce something so special? A Twitter campaign! Chance the Rapper tweeted expressing his desire for the nuggets and Wendy’s responded stating they would if their tweet got over 2 million likes. A great way to create customer engagement for sure!

7 Tools to Optimize Your Old Content for New Conversions

Are you seeing clicks but few conversions? Consider the process and steps stated in this article to get users to land on your site and stick around. These topics include monitoring your on-page clicks, integrating calls to action, looking at your organic competitors, and deepening your engagement with your users. Read more to find out the specific tools that you can optimize. 

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