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The Best of Digital Marketing Around the Web 7/12/19

Big changes have come to social media, especially to larger platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We’re here to keep you up-to-date with current marketing news and trends to ensure your company stays on top. Check out this blog to learn more about algorithm changes, ad tracking tips, and social practices from the experts themselves! 

Ad Tracking: What It Is & How to Do It 

Over the years, technological improvements have allowed advertisers to gain access to ad tracking data and insights. Once an impossible concept to achieve, ad tracking creates clarity in how successful an advertisement is performing. Here is your guide to ad tracking and how make reporting more effective. 

Ads From Influencers You Don’t Follow: Instagram’s New Update

As mentioned in our previous blog, Instagram is slowly introducing ads in the “Explore” tab of the app. This marks a significant change in how influencer content can be marketed on the platform. Here is what marketers need to know about the update and maintaining their content reach.

How to Convert Social Media Critics into Avid Fans

Avoiding criticism is nearly impossible with the rise of social media. Now more than ever it has become easier to view negative comments about a brand or company which could hurt a business. Take a closer look at a fun way one CEO flipped the response and turned his critics into supporters. 

Facebook warns Pages it is Downgrading Posts with Exaggerated Health Claims

The company has made changes to its algorithm during the past month in order to decrease the number of false health claims shared on the platform. Marketers managing Facebook Pages for healthcare products should be mindful of the ways to avoid exaggerated messaging. 

Learning Social Best Practices from Industry Experts

If managed correctly, social media can boost a brand or company to a larger scale and audience. On the other hand, it can be difficult to know how to accurately navigate the social globe and oftentimes we end up on the wrong side of the Internet. Read more from the experts on how to use social media to benefit a company. 

If you need help creating a digital marketing strategy, our team at Robb Digital is here! We specialize in social media management services, SEO optimization and much more. Contact us today! 

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