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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 10/4/19

Happy Friday! This Friday, we are bringing you the best of digital marketing from around the web. From your favorite football teams and restaurant chains to the newest trends in artificial intelligence. Now is a great time to learn more about the stories and trends happening today in the digital marketing space.

How the Minnesota Vikings Target Social Media Fans Outside the U.S.

Whether you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan or not, after reading this article, you can’t deny their global marketing strategy is ahead of the game. They are the very first team to run localized social media accounts in areas such as the U.K. and Germany, where their sport is most popular. Click to discover more about their targeting strategy.

Accessibility Is the Missing Link in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Ever wonder what’s missing from your digital marketing strategy? It might be digital accessibility, the single most effective way to reach more customers, create engaging customer experiences, and inspire better brand loyalty. There are so many more benefits to integrating digital accessibility into your strategy. Read more to find out, and start reaping the benefits!

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Landscape of Digital Marketing

With the things Artificial Intelligence (AI) can achieve, AI can be a scary thought in the minds of most humans. But AI has become a common trend seen in today’s society. With the many different tools AI brings, and the demand it has seen, it has made its way into the digital marketing world. If you’re wondering how you as a marketer could be using AI, read more!

How Blockchain is Changing Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has come a long way over the past several years. As mentioned, tools such as AI and analytics are often used to improve digital marketing strategies. Another tool to surface the digital marketing world is Blockchain. Blockchain enables the ability for transactions to be made between two parties without the need for third-party verification. Just imagine how this impacts digital marketing!

How Chipotle Saved It’s Brand By Embracing a Centralized Digital Marketing Strategy

Who doesn’t love Chipotle? Well back in 2015, the restaurant chain had a lot of cleaning up to do after their constant health safety scares regarding the food they were serving. Marketing was one of the most vital resources for Chipotle to harness and save back their reputation. Luckily with a solid digital marketing strategy, they were able to recover from their health safety mishap. Read more on the incredible comeback story of Chipotle!

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