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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 11/01/19

We are back again this week, giving you all the best articles around the web. Digital marketing is a continually changing industry with new trends emerging every week. Individuals and businesses should be working consistently to revise their digital strategy to keep up to date and capitalize upon coming and going trends. The below articles touch upon a range of topics that circle around how you, your brand, or your company can optimize and stay up to date. From Disney to Estee Lauder’s marketing successes to discovering and spicing up your marketing strategy as a solo entrepreneur, we hope you can pull from these examples to maximize your own strategy.

Disney Is New to Streaming, but Its Marketing Is Unmatched

Disney, one of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world, is entering the field of streaming. To reveal and advertise their new streaming service Disney Plus, the company made sure to capitalize on all of their best marketing channels. Announcing the new service on their owned networks and using social media to push ongoing marketing. Disney is utilizing all aspects of digital media to their advantage, as should everyone.

Is Digital Marketing Driving Estee Lauder’s Strong Revenue Growth

Many would agree that Estee Lauder has mastered their makeup and skincare formulas. In this article, we discover that’s not the only thing they are mastering. Increasing revenue growth is essential for the success of every business. Estee Lauder is leveraging its digital marketing ability to drive traffic and attention to their products and increase their sales. Read more to find out just how they are doing it!

4 Ways to Spice Up B2B Marketing 

When marketing your business to another business, it’s easy to find yourself creating a campaign that is less intriguing due to the subject matter and audience you find yourself marketing to. Don’t let that happen to you; it’s essential to keep your campaign just as interesting as you are. Read to discover some of the best ways to spice up your B2B marketing campaigns.

How Dopamine Fuels the Golden Rule of Content Marketing

Dopamine is a chemical found in the human body that sends signals to your brain, playing a role in pleasure, learning, and motivation. Digital marketing tools such as videos and email marketing campaigns create an engaging and often times interactive experience for those who come across it. These are the digital tools companies can utilize to start seeing dopamine-driven, engaged consumers.

A Guide to Digital Marketing Strategies for Solo Entrepreneurs 

You’re a solo entrepreneur, which means you’re on your own when it comes to the creation and execution of your business strategies. Digital marketing is an essential aspect of reaching your audience of consumers. With that being said, here is your guide to formulating your digital marketing strategy as a solo entrepreneur.

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