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The Best Of Digital Marketing From Around The Web 1/10/20

Happy New Year! It’s 2020, this means a new year, a new decade and new digital marketing trends and strategies to put to work for you! Are you ready to turn over a new leaf with your marketing efforts this year? In this best of blog, the first of many this year, you will learn the “need to know” trends, how you can use AI, how to optimize your current strategy, and much more! Keep reading to discover what this new decade has in store for the digital marketing industry.

5 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2020

Entering a new decade calls for major changes in content marketing and creation for businesses. Check out these 5 major content marketing trends to prepare for in 2020. These “need to know” trends have been developed from the past and rising trends from the end of the year. The following need to know trends include strategies such as, voice search, live streaming and more! Keep reading to discover the rest.

How Digital Marketers Are Leveraging AI Tools And Automation In Advertising

Do you recall your first experience with artificial intelligence? Maybe it was through a chatbot or recommendations you may have received based on algorithms. Or maybe you weren’t even aware you have been exposed to AI. The reality of it is the digital marketing industry is currently leveraging all AI and automation tools, read more to find out how!

Writing a Great Social Media Bio for Your Brand [Infographic]

How often do you spend time reviewing your own social media brand profiles versus others. The new year is a perfect time to revamp your profile, especially your bio. Updating your brand profile is a great way to drive engagement. Click above to view a resourceful infographic showing the steps to writing the perfect social media bio for your brand.

New social media apps guarantee your data will remain secure — for a price

For many social media sites; Facebook and Instagram are a great way for users to keep in touch with family and friends. Unfortunately many users feel as though in order to use these apps they are compromising their privacy and data security. This is where new social media apps are coming up in the new year, offering users a way to keep in touch without giving up their privacy.

Coke must tackle these 3 marketing challenges if it’s to win the newest cola war vs. Pepsi

Coke or Pepsi, which is your favorite? Many have a specific taste preference between the two. Although Coke is feeling the pressure, it has become a cola war between the two companies. The success of Coke lies within their marketing strategy. Keep reading to discover the 3 marketing challenges Coke and their new CMO are facing.

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