How to Respond, Not React: A Letter From Robb Digital’s President

If you are like me, you have been inundated with emails from all of the companies that you have signed up to be on their mailing lists before to get a discount. Most of what we are getting regards health and daily living which is definitely of the utmost importance. However, emails I am not getting are about how to communicate as a business in this swiftly shifting time and make sure we do it right.

First…Respond, Don’t React

We are working closely on a daily and even hourly basis with so many of our clients that I wanted to share some of what we are doing for them and learning as the current situation unfolds. Continue reading for my plan for the people close to me (that’s you) and there is absolutely NO PITCH involved here.

What we know:

  • Our clients and colleagues businesses are already feeling the impact of this
  • The situation is unfolding quickly and things are changing day by day
  • No one will be unaffected by this
  • Communication is key right now
  • How you handle that communication will be remembered by your customers/clients and the public when this is over (and it WILL be over!)
  • Digital communications (website, email, social) are the easiest, fastest and simplest to update – by the moment if needed – to stay connected to your customers/patients/ clients and get the word out to as many people as possible
  • We are here for you.

I have been saying this since last week to my clients, my partners, my family, my friends…and I say that with the most heartfelt sincerity. Most of you reading this know me, know my team, and know that this is at the essence of who I am. I just love to help people. It is my mission in life. And today, I have the skills, experience, knowledge, team, and tools to do that.

So this is what we are doing.

We are helping many of our clients with what is traditionally known in PR as “crisis communications.” I started my career at a PR firm and using digital for this is absolutely the most effective, efficient, and affordable approach for most businesses.
We are going to be publishing resources and advice for folks like you to use, for your businesses, for your clients’ companies, to share with your daughter who has a deli, pretty much anyone. These will be FREE. They will start to be published tomorrow and be updated in the days following. Just visit solsticeagency.wpengine.com/contact.

We will provide a 20 min free consultation for anyone who needs to talk. It might not be tomorrow (we are swamped) but we will do this, no strings attached because knowledge is power, and ‘you can’t keep what you don’t give away.’

We will provide referrals to anyone who needs them. Do you need to get someone to help you design a brochure to mail out ASAP? Set up a webinar? I have a colleague for that. Do you need to do some LinkedIn Ads? I have a guy for that too. Call me. The bat phone number is below in my signature!

Thinking of you all, praying for calm, health, and comfort for you and yours.


[email protected]
Cell: 908.405.4131

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