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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 2-16-18

Happy Friday! Here is another Best of Digital Marketing recap from the experts at Robb Digital that will make your day even brighter. This week we look into why you should delete fake followers, reasons your brand may not be ranking where you want it to be, lies Google Analytics is telling us and guides on how to run an SEO audit and remove repetitive content.

Why You Should Delete Fake Followers

You create content to drive traffic to your website, leads to your business, and revenue to your pocket. Don’t let your amazing content go to waste by not having real followers to look at it. Likewise, most social media platforms consider fake followers as spam. Despite common belief, having a large number of followers made up of fake accounts also won’t get you new real followers. If you’re still not convinced, read this posting to learn more about why you should say goodbye to fake accounts.

Why You’re Not Ranking Where You Want To Be

Everyone knows rankings are competitive. There are common mistakes that could be affecting your ranking. Duplicating content, not being registered with Google Business, neglecting to leverage social signals, lack of consistent content, and not being mobile-friendly can all be reasons you’re not reaching the rank you want. Luckily, there is a fix! Check out this blog to learn more about common mistakes and fixes to strengthen your ranking.

A Guide to Running an SEO Audit

If you’re spending time and money working on your site but still not getting the traffic you want, it might be time to run an SEO audit. A full audit can help you make successful plans for the future by comparing yourself to competitors, identifying what changes need to be made, getting a general overview of the SEO efficiency of your site, uncovering your website’s weaknesses, and setting expectations for your website’s future. An SEO audit offers a full review of your site to help you tweak your work and improve your site. This blog will give you tips and tricks to successfully run one yourself.

8 Data Lies Google Analytics is Telling You

Every business needs Google Analytics to measure their results. However, sometimes the site can report wrong data that will affect future marketing decisions. It can be hard to get back on track once you begin to base your business off false information. It’s important to know the ways data can be wrong and how to fix them. Check out this blog to learn common lies told by Google Analytics and how to correct them.

A Guide to Removing Repetitive Content

There can be a huge penalty for having repetitive content with Google. Rankings can plummet due to repetition of the same content. When a search engine sees several pages with duplicate content, it has to decide with one to rank. As a result, your site might be pushed to the bottom. But, the good news is fixing your repetitive content can be your one-way ticket to the top. Read this blog to learn more about what repetitive content is and how to eliminate it to improve your ranking.

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