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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 2-9-2018

Welcome back to another Best of Digital Marketing Around the Web. We gathered a few articles that stood out to us this week in the marketing world on different topics including creating relevant content, getting leads from your blog, Generation Z marketing, and more. We learned a lot from these articles and hope you will too!

The Quick and Easy Guide To Create Relevant Content That Ranks & Converts

Creating and sending out relevant content is so important for your business. Ranking high when searched in any search engine will turn more of these hits into paying customers. Creating content that is based around your audience will help with things like generating valuable backlinks, meeting customer needs, increasing social shares, and more.

How to Convert Blog Readers to Leads

Blogging is crucial for business. You want to get people to read if you want them to lead! To get the traffic you need the blog. And to get the leads, you need the traffic! If your blogs don’t have a call-to-action, in-text CTA’s, use of an exit-intent overlay, read up on this article. Give your viewers something they want to commit and come back to.

The Ultimate Guide to Generation Z Marketing

The younger generation is where it’s at. Each year we learn more about digital marketing and the audience that is taking over the business. There are some key differences between this new generation from the ones before. This article will give you pointers on how to attract Gen Z like learning the differences of generations, utilizing Snapchat, and using Instagram stories.

Free Local SEO Tools That Belong In Your Kit

If it’s free, then you need it, right? If you want to be an expert in SEO, you are going to need these apps in your kit. What will these tools increase? Your support for organic and local SEO together. This article lists tools that will help you in research, content, generating, reviews, and even citations! Uplift your local SEO going into February and download these free apps!

Google Adds Keyword Functionality to the AdWords App

If you have the Adwords app we have great news for you. The new update that has come out allows you to add, edit, and remove keywords from their campaign using the app. Make on the go changes to your campaigns by simply pressing the new buttons installed into the app from the update. Read this article for full instructions on how you can help your campaign wherever you are. And if you don’t have the Adword app, get it now!

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