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The Best Of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 2-23-18

There is no surprise that the marketplace is becoming increasingly more digital as technology continues to evolve. To help you keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing trends, we are compiling the list of best digital marketing blogs every week, just for YOU!

This week, we have included some exciting topics in the list like who won the Super Bowl ad game, secrets to landing big SEO clients, promoting YouTube videos on AdWords, and more!

Who Won The Super Bowl Ad Game? The spots that generated the most buzz across YouTube, social, and search

So who really won the ad game for the Super Bowl? Did you know over 40 brands paid more than 5 million dollars each for ad time? In comparison to last year’s overall winning ad from Budweiser, ranking No. 1 in views on YouTube, 2018 did not come with anything close. According to YouTube’s rank, Amazon’s ad came in first, meanwhile, video analytics that ranked Super Bowl spots by social shares claimed Toyota’s ad was the most effective. This article will give you some insight on who really won the Super Bowl ad game this year.

The Secret To Landing Big SEO Clients – And Keeping Them Happy

A multi-million dollar client. Rings bells in your head, doesn’t it? Getting highly ranked on search engines and being able to build up that revenue for a client is simply rewarding. Every website becomes greater than the rest, and soon you’re up there signing contracts with major clients. Want to know how to impress the big guys? This article will give you secrets to reeling in your biggest clients, and keeping them happy!

How to Promote Your Youtube Videos with Google Adwords

Youtube is one of the most highly used social media sites out there. They need promotion too! Find out how to use Google AdWords to sponsor your Youtube videos and get the best results. Learn things like how to set up an AdWords campaign, organize ad groups, and create groups and ads for your video.

Reading Between The Lines: A 3-Step Guide to Reviewing Web Page Content

Re-evaluating content is important for keeping projects up-to-date and organized, but can also be a troubling process. This article is a 3-Step Guide in hopes to carry you through the process of targeting your audience, measuring the performance of the content, and assessing changes for quality assurance.

How Marketers Are Getting Their Message Across in an Ad-Blocking World

Ad-Blocking is something every marketer has come to deal with. You can skip ads now, block them, there are even a few ways to get rid of ads completely. However, marketing is not dead. New ways have been discovered to advertise in 2018 that provide ultimate access to ads for any viewer and are now adapted to the changing ways. Read this article to find out more about how to give your marketing another go.

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