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The Best of Digital Marketing Around the Web 3-9-18

Every week, we provide a list of the best articles for you to stay afloat in an ever-changing digital marketing world. This week, let’s read some articles on staying relevant on Google via keywords, tools for competitive analysis, creating a great About Us page, marketing campaigns, and Instagram Stories!

An Easy Way to See if Google Thinks Your Webpages Are Keyword Relevant

Keyword phrases and where they rank have become one of the most important, but frustrating, things for digital marketing. There are keywords that you know you want to use, but there are also keywords that you know you need to use to really target the largest audience and get the best rank out of Google. If you want the best outcome for your keywords, you need to read this article on the factors Google may be used to determine how relevant a site’s keywords are.

3 Underground Tools to Take Competitive Analysis to the Next Level

The more competition there is, the more your business has to prove itself. Using the proper tools and intelligence will show your efforts of performance in relation to your surroundings, how to target specific customers, informing your content strategy, and more. Here are three tools that can help you keep an eye out for the competition.

How to Create an About Us Page That Generates Leads

About Us pages can be found on any website, but do people actually search through those pages? Your business’s About Us page is one of the most important, because if they are interested in learning more about your company, that means it can be used as an effective lead generation tool. Learn how to create an About Us page that is going to snag the customer’s eye and help gain you a new client.

How Businesses Navigate the Marketing Campaign Jungle

Marketing campaigns come with a whole lot of tricky steps. There are various parts of marketing campaigns that make it easy to get confused and can put your project in jeopardy. A report was run to see exactly how well or poorly businesses are handling their own campaigns, which included a great emphasis on digital and online marketing, and a huge gap between managing and analyzing data. Get more info on the full report here!

Testing Out Instagram Stories For Your Business

This just in, Instagram stories have surpassed Snapchat in users and time spent on the platform! And even bigger news, Facebook is now integrating Instagram stories onto their site and is allowing for the stories to be published on your Facebook page. If you aren’t convinced about switching over to Instagram instead of Snapchat, read about Marji J. Sherman’s success with Instagram stories and her business.  

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