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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 3-16-2018

Take charge of your digital marketing with the help of our weekly blog that focuses on the best digital marketing blogs from around the web. This week’s blog contains some helpful articles that we feel will help you stay in control of your marketing.  With the dynamic nature of digital marketing, it is important to check the latest news and keep your business up to date. The following articles contain information regarding link-building strategies, common content audit mistakes, effective link-building using images, Google ranking updates, and the negative impact of social bots.

How using search opportunities can guide link-building content strategies: In this article, expert Andrew Dennis explains how research and planning can boost rankings and increase your link success.  There are plenty of tools accessible online that make tracking your data easy. This article goes through an easy three-step content consultation process that you can use to find ranking and linking success.

8 Common Website Mistakes Revealed Via Content Audits: You are going to want to read this!  A content audit is very important when it comes to creating an effective strategy.  However, a lot of the articles out there contain information on how to conduct a successful content audit.  Although those may be helpful this article lists common mistakes that were found and how to resolve them. Read more on how to improve your website to keep users more interested and on your site longer.

Your Google Ranking Doesn’t Matter Anymore: If you are just as shocked as we are about this title of this article find out why!  Google has changed its algorithm many times through the years and now your keyword rankings are no longer important.  Check out how you can adapt your strategy to these changes and the tools that can provide more accurate insights.

The Crackdown on Social Bots and How that Will Change Influencer Marketing: Social media has become one of the best marketing tools when it comes to reaching and measuring your consumer data.  However, one problem with social media is that it is incredibly difficult to measure accurately because of social bots.  There are many social media accounts out there with organic fame, but there are also many accounts with purchased followers.  This article contains some tricks on how to harness the right data.

4 Concrete Ways to Use Images to Build Links: Images are a great way to increase your online traffic and inbound links.  Check out this article that goes through four steps that will help you build traffic using images.  These four steps include: becoming your industry’s stock photo site, identifying image keywords bloggers are likely to search for, reaching out to people using your original images, and perfecting your image-to-word ratio.  Click the link to find out how!

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