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5 Ways to Create Engaging Interactive Content

Encouraging your audience to involve themselves in your content probably doesn’t sound like it would be a vital component to your digital marketing campaign, but it is. Interactive content is more necessary than you think. It allows your audience to feel connected to your business. It’s a more personal way to grab your audience’s attention because it provides them with content they can physically get involved with. Take a look at five interactive ways to engage your audience.

  • Unique online quizzes

Sure, online quizzes are nothing new, but they’re still great for getting involved with your audience. To set yourself apart as a business, create a quiz that intrigues your following, but doesn’t repeat what currently exists. Online quizzes are fun and shareable on social media.  When your audience receives their quiz results, they want their following to know about it. This gains views, site recognition, and customers.

  • Polls

As you may already know, polls are assessments intended to gather data from a group of people. Typically they consist of one or more multiple-choice questions, and participants are asked to choose one answer per question. Polling allows you to use consumer engagement to receive immediate feedback. It not only gives your audience a voice, it provides you with feedback so you can improve your business overall.  Also, by providing an option to share poll results, you’re exposing others to your brand, too.

  • Contests

Contests are great for interacting with customers, especially when a prize is involved.  This grabs attention and encourages customers to interact with valuable and informative content. Contests can also provide you with demographic information from your user base.

  • Interactive video:

Videos add value to your site’s content, but interactive videos are even more effective. They minimize the passivity of a regular video and leave room for activity. Interactive videos may contain visuals that allow you to choose a particular option by touching or clicking a designated area on the screen. Once the option is chosen, you advance to a more specific video that corresponds with your choice. Interactive marketing videos have the potential to convert leads and increase site traffic.

  • Interactive infographic

An infographic is an image such as a diagram or chart that displays information. An interactive infographic allows the viewer to interact with the image, encouraging them to click or scroll through the visible data. Creating an animated, interactive infographic can help organize and relay information in a way that your audience can understand. Since it involves customer interaction, it allows viewers to explore at their own pace. The visual is likely to excite your audience and inform them through interactivity.

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