The Importance of Site Speed

The Importance of Site Speed

Optimizing your site’s load time is a vital factor for both user experience and search engine optimization. Major search engines like Google and Bing factor in load times, because they recognize how users are looking for answers to their queries in a quick and efficient manner.

In today’s world, more searches are actually done on a mobile device as compared to a desktop. This translates to lower processing power and RAM on mobile devices, and limited data connection speeds when on 4g or 3g networks. Not only are the connection speeds limited, but users are restricted by data overages or limits, as they are paying for every precious kilobyte of data that is being loaded.  Search engines have definitely noticed this trend, and are now officially rewarding websites that optimize to accommodate it. In layman’s terms, if your website can load faster and spend less of a user’s data allotment than your competition, you will eventually rank higher.

Google not only incorporates their PageSpeed Insights score directly into their ranking algorithm but as a result of having a more optimized experience, you will obtain more social shares, higher click-through rates, lower bounce rates. This will lead to more overall traffic to your site, which will subsequently raise rankings.

There are a plethora of search engine optimization tools to measure your website’s load times and find new ways to optimize your content and site structure for faster site speed. In a future blog series, we will breakdown all of the step’s you can take to make your site load faster than your competition, but feel free to run your site through the following speed tests:

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