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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around The Web 8/10/18

As we head towards the end of Summer, more of our favorite platforms continue to make innovative changes. Our experts here at Robb Digital have collected the best digital marketing news and information from around the web! This week we focus on SEO, Facebook video ads, Google Analytics, Bing’s new features, and the newest changes from Facebook and Instagram.

How to Use SEO Tactics to Drive Ecommerce Sales

Due to the popularity of online shopping, e-commerce has become a highly competitive space. Accepting multiple payment methods, offering discounts, and targeting the right audience are just some ways to double your sales. Read more to find out how to take it a step further with a little help from SEO.

4 Content Ideation Tips Using Google Analytics

It is no surprise that companies who leverage their data, better understand their customers. Data-driven marketing results in better customer loyalty, engagement, and can largely increase the number of customers. Here is a 4 step guide on how to use data collected from Google Analytics to create content ideas that garner results!

How to Engage a Warm Audience With Facebook Video Ad Sequences

If you are using the Facebook video Ad campaign to build an audience for your business or product, then you will find this article useful. Engaging an audience can be challenging. This guide teaches you how to identify high-performing Facebook video ads, create custom audiences, and deliver a Facebook ad sequence to your custom audience!

How Bing is enhancing search and apparently growing as a result

This past month Google has made many updates to help the marketing world, but could Bing be catching up? Bing has been introducing some significant innovations. These changes have not only improved the basic Bing search but also their visual content. Read more to find out what these changes are, and what brands should do because of these changes!

Facebook and Instagram inform users of media habits

Facebook has made some innovations to help gain the trust of their audience. Last week Facebook announced that they will be rolling out a tool that will allow users to measure how much time they spend on the app daily, and almost all Instagram and Facebook users will have access to this new feature. Read to learn more about it.

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