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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 8/17/18

Keeping up with the newest ways to market your business can be far from an easy task! Between updates on LinkedIn to the ultimate guide to e-commerce product images, this week’s roundup has got you covered! This week we also focus on Pinterest search ads, email marketing, and the 6 most memorable digital marketing campaigns so far this year! Happy Friday!

How to Use Pinterest Search Ads
Are you curious about the “promote pin” option on Pinterest? Wondering how to use Pinterest search ads to promote your products and services? This article explores some ways that Pinterest search ads can help promote your link-building efforts, and help reach your ideal audience!

How to Get More Email Subscribers Without Annoying Your Website Visitors
With all the new ways to market, it can be easy to look past your email list. Although there are many new content marketing strategies, email marketing is crucial when it comes to promoting your business. Some studies show that people may check their email over 20 times per day! Read more to find out how to use this strategy to your advantage!

LinkedIn Announces Re-Focus on Groups with New Tools and Options
In January, LinkedIn sent out a note to group admins that some changes were coming to help improve group experiences, providing a range of new features and better ways to network. Read more to find out how your user experience may change!

6 of the Most Memorable Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2018…So Far
2018 is more than halfway over! Need some campaign inspiration? This article gathered the 6 more memorable, innovative, and entertaining campaigns that some of our favorite brands have created this year. A great read to spark up some inspiration.

The Ultimate Guide to Taking and Optimizing E-commerce Product Images
More than half of shoppers prefer to shop online and these numbers continue to increase. The other half of people prefer to shop in a store where they can touch the products, pick them up, etc. This is the only downfall with e-commerce, but you can improve the shopping experience online with the help of well-taken images for your e-commerce site. Read more to learn how!

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