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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 7/27/18

A full moon brings new beginnings, fresh starts, and most importantly, new ways to market! This week we bring you the latest news on Facebook and Google, providing new ways to come up with eye-catching content as well as building your brand!

The Future of SEO: It’s Not What You’re Expecting
Do you feel like you have tried everything to increase rankings? Link Building and on-site SEO are fantastic ways to increase traffic and rankings, but a branding strategy might just skyrocket your rankings more than ever before. Read more to learn how to increase rankings, build your brand, and see fast results!

10 Benefits of Social Media for All Businesses
There is no doubt that most businesses do utilize social media when marketing their brand. Although many do know the benefits, there are still some businesses on the fence about it or struggle with managing the right accounts. This is a great read for businesses that are on the fence about social media, or for businesses that already use social media but would like to learn more about how they can use these platforms to their advantage! Learn more about social selling, customer service, and increasing engagement!

Google updates its search quality rating guidelines
Google has published a revised version of the 164-page set of guidelines used to help human ‘quality raters’ evaluate online content and provide feedback to Google. Google is starting to shift its focus onto not only a website but the content creators as well as their reputations. Read more to find out how this can affect your business!

Facebook’s user growth stalls in the U.S. and Europe
According to this article, it has been a rough year for Facebook. Not only did Facebook lose 3 million users in Europe this year, but there have been many changes to the site as well. Not all of Facebook’s changes have been bad; this article mentions a couple of highlights to these changes that you may find interesting. What will all of this mean for Facebook Advertising in the future? Read more to find out. 

The Top 15 Ways to Come up with New Content Ideas
Having trouble thinking of content ideas? Or are you having a hard time writing blogs that will catch readers’ attention? This article provides organized ways to keep your ideas and content exciting as you grow your blog or business!

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