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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 7/20/18

Friday means time for another weekly round-up! The best of digital marketing from around the web is here! This week our experts included a little of everything, from content marketing to controversial topics, Facebook ads, email marketing, and more! Read more to catch up on what is happening in the digital world and how you can use this to your brand’s advantage!

How to Write Marketing Emails That Don’t Get Marked as Spam

No matter what industry you’re in or what company you’re in, email marketing should be a vital part of your digital marketing plan. But what do you do when these marketing emails end up in your client’s spam mail? This guide will allow you to figure out what content to put into your emails that will not only keep them out of the spam folder but will also generate more leads!

5 Critical Precautions When Publishing Controversial Content

Did you know that each month, people read over 23 billion blogs on WordPress? Most people who create content aim to create an eye-catching title or blog to catch the reader’s attention. Most of the time these titles tend to be controversial, to get people talking. This can help generate traffic but it can also hurt your blog if done the wrong way. Read more to find out the precautions you should take!

Instagram’s Adding ‘Reactions’ Style Quick-Response Emojis to Instagram Stories

It is no surprise that Instagram is changing things up once again! This time Instagram is adding a new response tool that allows story viewers to engage with Instagram story content! The new way of engaging will not only help brands measure engagement with emojis but unlike Facebook, the viewers cannot react with “angry” emojis, which can give a more positive influence to social media! Read more to find out about this new feature!

Creative Ways To Use Facebook’s Ad Transparency Features

Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to market in 2018. Are you curious about the transparency features but unsure how to use them? With just a few clicks, any user can now find edited page information history and active paid ads. This can be helpful to marketers who would like to see the competition. Find out how with these simple tips!

5 Research-Based Actions to Improve Your Content Marketing

It’s halfway through 2018 so you may be looking over your content marketing strategies so far. Would you like to maximize your content marketing efforts? This article provides helpful insights to help maximize your efforts such as focusing on your audience and creating the right content. Read more to learn five research-based actions to maximize your content marketing!

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