The Best of Digital Marketing-2

The Best of Digital Marketing from Around the Web 5-4-2018

This week, we are talking about social media and consumer reviews.  Daily marketing takes place through word of mouth and social media posts.  This list of blogs contains information on Twitter marketing, the changes in social media algorithms, the ABCs of online reviews, promoting positive customer reviews, and B2B Marketing using Instagram.  Marketing revolves around social media and the daily chat that occurs on each platform so as a marketer it is important to master these strategies.

Is Twitter Worth Your Time? Here’s What New 2018 Data Says About Twitter For Marketing

It seems that daily users seem to be using Twitter less than they used it.  Is this a problem? Should we still market to our users on Twitter? Kissmetrics talks about the changes that Twitter has made in the past months and how you should utilize these as a marketer to optimize your content.

The Current State of Social Media Algorithms

It is hard to keep up with the always-changing social media algorithms. However, as digital marketers, it is important to keep up with these changes so we can optimize our content in the correct way. This infographic displays the current state of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and gathers a better understanding of how they work and why.

The ABC’s of Online Reviews: Myths, Facts and Review Removal

Besides the management of all our business needs, it is also important to track and maintain the reviews we receive from clients online. Word of mouth and client referrals are huge components that drive business. Unfortunately, there are fake reviews out there that can give your business a bad reputation. This article focuses on the myths behind fake reviews, what makes a “fake review”, and how to handle them.

7 Strategies to Promote Positive Customer Reviews for Your Brand of Business

With the last link talking about false reviews, we also found this suitable article regarding the compilation of positive customer reviews. It usually takes attention and great customer satisfaction to earn a 5-star amazing review from clients. Since your customers are your best marketers, there are certain strategies your business should adopt to make sure they are spreading positive marketing. Read this article to find out more.

Can Instagram Really Work for B2B Marketing

Instagram has grown as a social media platform immensely in the past few years. Yet, a lot of businesses are overlooking the opportunity of using Instagram as B2B Marketing tool.  Businesses such as Intel have gotten extreme growth from optimizing Instagram. Here is how you can make Instagram work for your business.

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