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The Best of Digital Marketing from Around the Web 4/13/18

TGIF! The only thing more exciting than the weekend is the best of digital marketing from around the web brought to you by the professionals at Robb Digital. This week, we will examine 5 reasons why nobody is engaging with your social posts, the secret to selling on Instagram without spending a dime, how to get more social media followers, build hype for new product launches, and use email to increase repeat purchases for your eCommerce store.

5 Reasons Why Nobody is Engaging With Your Social Posts

So you’ve written killer content, but you can’t seem to get those likes, retweets, and accolades to start rolling in. Social media engagement is crucial to your marketing strategy and sabotaging it can be easy and irreversible. If your content isn’t getting the engagement you want you might be making these 5 mistakes: denying what people want, forgetting to make room for new or older users, skipping movie day, letting little errors hinder credibility, talking without listening. But, the good news is there’s a fix for all of these mistakes. Check out these blogs to diagnose your potential problems and learn how to reverse them.

The Secret to Selling on Instagram Without Spending a Dime

Instagram has become one of the greatest tools for businesses around the world. It offers an experience for customers that have never been seen before, featuring up-close and personal views of products, places, and experiences that are shareable. However, Instagram ads cost money. Don’t spend another penny of your hard-earned cash and read this blog to learn how to engage customers and create an Instagram storefront that boosts your sales.

How to Get More Social Media Followers

People look at your numbers and often use them as a deciding factor when choosing whether they should follow your page or not. Likewise, potential influencers look at your numbers to determine if you’re worth doing collaborations with and your brand itself probably determines its success on its numbers too. The key to increasing your follower number is content: more of it and better quality. Check out this blog to learn the secrets to creating content and engaging more potential followers.

How to Build Hype for a New Product Launch

Spending time and money developing a new product simply isn’t enough. If your new product isn’t a success it could be a crushing blow to your brand. Although your product is maybe outstanding if it is not promoted the right way nobody is going to buy it. This blog will show you the best and easiest ways to build hype for your launch and drive sales.

Using Email to Increase Repeat Purchases for your eCommerce Store

You’ve got them to purchase once, but how do you get them to purchase again? Consistent repeat purchases can be the difference between success and failure. This is where emails come into play. The better you align your message with actions your customers have taken, the more success you will have in getting them to buy again. But what kind of emails should you send, when should you send them, and what should they contain? Read this blog for the best to building emails to engage repeat buyers.

Questions about this week’s blogs or do you want to talk with us about YOUR marketing strategy? Contact us at Robb Digital for more tips and tricks to make your business soar.

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