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Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 4-6-2018

This week we have compiled a great list of blogs that we think you will find extremely useful.  If you find your business struggling with managing the many aspects of your business you are not alone!  We have found blogs that will suggest ways to juggle this all successfully. We have also found notable blogs that include useful information when it comes to public relations.  PR is becoming one of the best ways to reach your audience successfully with the current increase in customer relationship building. Check out these blogs for ways to help improve your business!

Why PR is Crucial to SEO & 11 Ways to Get Coverage; A wider marketing approach is important when it comes to successful SEO.  With there being so many aspects to marketing there are some that are more important than others.  The impact made by PR seems to make a larger impact than social media, email marketing, or promotions.  This article explains why PR is so important!

12 Of the Best Online Tools for PR pros: The online world offers a plethora of PR tools.  This may be great, but which ones are the best for your business? PR Daily has constructed a list of PR tools that are helpful in finding the right media contacts, PR opportunities, and keeping track of it all.  You may even find yourself familiar with a few of these tools like Canva, and Dropbox.  Discover more of these tools in this article!

The 5-Step Blog Planner to Jumpstart Your Blog: Incorporating a blog onto your business’ website is extremely helpful in generating leads and sales for your business.  But there is more to blogging than just writing an interesting post and adding it to your website weekly. In order to enjoy the benefits of a blog it needs to be constructed the right way.  Click the link above to find out how!

How to Use Marketing Analytics to Improve Agency Partnerships: One of the most difficult situations faced by marketing agencies is the struggle of balancing clients and partnerships.  For client relationships to flourish it is important that there is constant communication and understanding between both parties.  This article contains a few ways to use marketing analytic software to improve your current partnerships, keep your clients happy and  create successful projects.

The Definitive Social Media Checklist for B2B Marketers: With the amount of social media platforms growing, the management of social media accounts is becoming overwhelming.  From creating engaging content, scheduling posts on multiple sites, and responding to clients, it can be too much to handle.  Thankfully, this checklist from Oktopost is here to assist you with your daily, weekly, and monthly posts, and improving your social media ROI.

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