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The Best of Digital Marketing from Around the Web 4-20-18

Ah, yes. Yet another Friday has rolled around, and that means we have another Best of Digital Marketing blog for you to enjoy. This week we brought the best of the best in digital marketing–tips and tricks you won’t want to pass up. Read these awesome blogs to learn about improving sales through web design, e-commerce image hacks, helpful SEO secrets, dashboard management, and successful Facebook ad construction.

Stop Losing Sales with These 8 Persuasive Web Design Principles

Think your website’s got it all but site analytics are telling you otherwise? Believe it or not, your website design has a lot to do with your sales outcome. Sometimes all you need is a more persuasive web design that’ll really speak to your audience in order to achieve the sales you desire. Check out this QuickSprout blog and read about 8 persuasive web design rules that will help boost sales. You’ll learn a variety of tips from color and pattern to accessibility and language.

How to Manage and Analyze Your Social Media Marketing in 1 Dashboard

If you are searching for a way to better manage your social media marketing activities, be sure to take a look at this Social Media Examiner blog. This article will introduce you to a useful tool, “Cyfe”, which will help you gain insights and oversee metrics from all your social media platforms. Using one dashboard is an organized, efficient way to manage and analyze your social media marketing.

14 Tips to Help You Write Successful Facebook Ads

We all want Facebook ad content that converts, and this helpful blog is making that even more attainable. Thankfully, Digital Marketer compiled fourteen simple, yet extremely useful tips to create killer Facebook ads.

Become an SEO rockstar: Evolve your SEO skillset

There is always room to improve SEO, and now this blog can help you climb to the top of the SEO ladder. Search Engine Land has revealed a handful of secrets to boost your SEO past the point you ever thought possible. You’ll learn about everything from technological development to strategizing and creativity. Evolve your SEO skill set, and your analytics will thank you.

8 Need-to-Know E-Commerce Image Optimization Hacks

Effective eCommerce image optimization is just one of the many skills necessary to receive results for your online sales. This Kissmetrics blog will guide you through the ins and outs of image optimization, so you can rest assured your images are only contributing to your success, not hurting it.

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