How We Turned Crisis Into Communication

This is a rocky time for the vast majority of businesses across the globe. Our climate has changed drastically and is on a slippery slope as we navigate through this crisis. No matter what role you play you are most likely needing to revise your current strategy and overall operations to accommodate the current COVID-19 regulations, while also meeting the needs of your clients in a way that ensures their safety. As a digital marketing agency with a vast majority of clients in different industries, we have made it our top priority to help our clients effectively communicate with their audience. Here are some of the ways in which we have helped our clients effectively alter their strategies and communicate effectively during this crisis.


COVID-19 has greatly impacted the healthcare industry. This crisis has created a major need for our healthcare practices to effectively communicate with their patients. Our agency is in close contact with our healthcare clients making sure they are conveying their messages clearly and effectively. This has been done in many different ways such as; designing banners on their website, creating landing pages with information, and adding contact forms patients can fill out. This gives patients a clear outlet to communicate with their healthcare providers. We have also helped our clients work to educate the public on this crisis. Creating and publishing content that is posted on their sites and social media will assist in bringing comfort to their audiences during this crisis. Our main role for our healthcare clients is to be their communicators and ensure healthcare providers can focus on serving their patients while we spread their messages.

Beauty & Retail

Our beauty and retail clients have had to revise their business model to serve their customers in a different way during COVID-19. Our main goal has been to assist them in communicating to their customers the information they need to continue to support these small businesses. We have upped their advertising to ensure their message is heard and their new business practices are understood. We continue to be their source of communication, creating and editing their content to fit into their current business operations.

Event Planning

This crisis has left our event space and event planning clients needing to completely shift their operation strategy. With the cancellation of all events indefinitely and strict travel restrictions, these clients are left with little room for normal operation. That is where we come in. As a digital agency, we are helping our clients shift their strategy. Just because events are canceled doesn’t mean future events can’t be planned. We have worked with these clients to help create content that communicates to their audience for the future. Our event industry clients are now working with their clients to reschedule and plan for their future parties, vacations, weddings, and events. We have acted as their consultant and helped them shift their digital strategy to align with this current situation.

Everyone In Between

No matter your industry Robb Digital is here to ensure that your digital marketing strategy aligns with the current situation at hand. Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from effectively communicating with your clients. Turn this crisis into an opportunity to communicate and comfort your audience. This is a trying time for all and we are here to help you. The team at Robb Digital is currently holding free 20-minute calls to assist anyone who needs their questions answered, no strings attached. Contact us today to get started!

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