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Best Of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 6/8/18

There has been a lot of news in the digital marketing world this week. With new features on popular social media platforms, to new tips on how to manage your SEO. Create effective marketing strategies and find some summer inspiration with this week’s round-up. This week we gathered the top 5 articles that can help you achieve your marketing goals!

How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Startup Company

Starting a business is far from an easy task. With a good marketing strategy and lots of research, marketing your new business will be a much smoother process. Although there is a long road ahead, having a strong base for your company will help you in the long run. This blog has some great tips to help you plan your future marketing strategy, or even implement these tips into a plan you already use!

Facebook Tests New Way to Cross Post Content from Instagram

If you’re active on Instagram, why not share your content on Facebook at the same time? Given the rising use on both of these platforms, this could be beneficial to some companies. Learn more about how Facebook is making it easier to target the younger, and older, generations at the same time!

6 Tools for Social Media Content Inspiration

Having a hard time finding inspiration for your blog or social media posts for your small business? We got you covered! These tools can keep you updated on what is trending, and stay current on events and unofficial holidays this summer. These 6 tools will help fill the gap in your scheduled posts and allow you to get the most traffic to your page!

What’s the Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO?

There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding the best length for your articles and blog posts. Many people are quick to assume that shorter posts are better for their audience because it is easier and faster to read. Is this really the best way to get your information out there without boring your audience? This blog has great advice when it comes to writing articles and improving your SEO. Find out how to help your blog and how to better target your audience!

5 SEO Questions with Marie Haynes: Google Algorithms, Penalty Fixes and Pro Tips for Site Owners

Marie Haynes has been helping negatively impacted site owners since 2008. This article shares all her best tips and tricks, and unanswered questions people want to know, pertaining to Google algorithms as well as google penalties. This is a good read for any site owner who wants to learn more about diagnosing and fixing search penalties that you may incur on your website. Read more to have your top 5 SEO questions answered!

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