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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 6/15/18

TGIF! Another week has passed and just in time for the weekend, our specialists at Robb Digital have gathered the best from around the web! This week we focus on content marketing and how we can gather more traffic to sites! Learn more about influencer marketing, link building, branding, and the newest information on digital marketing!

Why Influencer Marketing is on the Rise, and How to Maximize Your Campaigns

With more and more brands realizing the impact of influencers in our social media-driven world, we keep seeing it more and more on our Instagram feeds and favorite blogs. What if there were other ways to get involved with influencer marketing without paying a celebrity to market your product? Here are just some of the best tips to maximize your campaigns and market your products!

What 759 Content Marketing Campaigns Can Teach You About Link Building And Organic Traffic

This article explains more about content marketing campaigns and simple tips when it comes to link building, along with quick organic traffic techniques. This article studies 759 content marketing campaigns between 2013-2017 that can teach us what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to content marketing campaigns. This article simply reviews the data and offers tips to avoid past mistakes!

How Brands Use Color Psychology to Reinforce Their Identities

Although we all know logos and brands give us a feel for the company, did you know that you can market a certain identity to your consumers just by the colors your company uses? This article is a good read and explains how large companies like Apple, Google, Ford, and even Microsoft, all use these techniques to market to a particular audience! Read more to find out what your colors say about your brand!

Content Brainstorming: 8 Techniques to Come Up with Better Ideas

The greatest part about content marketing is that it all starts with one great idea. When it comes to starting a successful content marketing campaign, there are several things that need to be considered. If the idea for the campaign is not great, the final campaign will not be either. In order to create these great ideas, you need inspiration and great techniques. Not sure where to start? This article has some great ways to get your ideas flowing!

3 Steps to Effectively Use Instagram Marketing to Generate Sales

It is no surprise that Instagram marketing is a great way to generate sales and market to the younger generation. Although Instagram is effective, it will only help your marketing campaigns if you use it right. This article offers 3 great steps to use Instagram marketing the right way and generate the most traffic on your page. After this great read, you will learn the best way to influence your followers, and gain them!

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