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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 6/22/18

Happy Friday! Another week has passed in the digital marketing world and we have gathered some helpful articles for this week, a weekly round-up! This week we focus on common issues one may experience in the digital world. From debugging SEO problems, generating new leads, preventing traffic drops, and even some cool apps that will save time when posting to your business’s Instagram! Read more to find out how to make your strategies stress-free!

6 Tools That Schedule Instagram Business Posts

Looking for a tool that schedules and publishes eye-catching content straight to your business’s Instagram? Look no further! In this article, you will discover 6 tools that allow your business profiles to schedule posts directly to Instagram. Not only are these tools convenient, but they are cost-effective also! Save time, and increase the traffic on your business’s Instagram with these unique tools!

How to Generate New Leads Without Spending a Fortune

Getting new customers is important for every brand. Although you may be doing just fine with your current customers right now, there may come a point when you cannot grow without new leads. So where do you get new customers in the most cost-friendly way? Read more to learn how to generate more leads for your business, without breaking the bank!

Tons of Traffic, but Few Conversions? Three Ideas for Repurposing Blog Traffic

Does your blog gather high traffic, but the bounce rate continues to grow? The reality is, getting a bunch of unqualified traffic is a little like having a house too big to furnish. It looks great on the outside, but it’s hollow on the inside. This article lists three ideas for repurposing blog traffic, and getting the most out of your website!

5 things to check if your traffic suddenly drops

Traffic dropping is definitely not something anyone would like to see on their site. Has your traffic taken a sudden nosedive for no obvious reason? In this article, you will investigate the most common underlying issues and the ways to get back on track. Whether this drop is because of sudden changes in your site, or valuable backlinks lost, this article will help you understand the problems and has step-by-step instructions to get you back on track!

An 8-Point Checklist for Debugging Strange Technical SEO Problems

Unfortunately, technical SEO issues are something we sometimes cannot avoid. When these problems occur, basic technical configuration and keyword research can’t solve these problems alone. Although there might not be an easy fix to these problems, this article provides an 8 point checklist for debugging these strange issues and having things running smoothly in no time! Not only does this article provide some great examples of these issues, but it also provides some great knowledge on how to solve SEO issues!

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