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The Best Of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 8-18-2017

The end of the week has arrived and we’ve got another “Best Of” blog with the latest from the digital marketing world. This week we’ve compiled the most helpful and informative blogs on the internet to help you grow your business beyond its potential. You’ll learn about new consumer research, how to create a killer Instagram campaign, sponsored posts, connecting with millennials and more!

8 Ways to Create an Instagram Campaign That Will Blow Up Your Brand
Considering Instagram’s massive user base, it is essential to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. However, doing so is certainly not easy. This blog provides multiple ways you can use Instagram to improve your brand by teaching you how to grow your following, know your audience and construct action-prompting messages.

How Audiences Respond to Podcasts: New Research
Marketing your brand involves a constant search for new ways to get your content out to the public. People have been skeptical of the weight podcasts can have on your marketing strategy. Is it worth it to invest your time and money creating them? This Social Media Examiner blog discusses the newest research on the power of podcasts and how audiences respond to them.

45 Local SEO Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them
There are countless things to consider when building your brand in order to avoid failure. Since the majority of startups fail after five years, we want to help you avoid an unexpected demise. Check out Moz blog’s 45 local SEO pitfalls you should steer clear of.

Why & How to Use Sponsored Posts
In order to expand your business, you must often search for new ways to expand your user base. A great way to grow your following is through sponsored posts on social media. They allow you to reach a larger audience beyond your following. Take a look at this blog to learn more about why you should be using sponsored posts, and how to use them.

Marketing to the Generational Cohorts: How to Connect with Gens Y & Z
Millennials are notorious for being “misunderstood” and “different”. Because of this, marketers often struggle to reach those belonging to generations Y and Z. Check out this blog to identify what millennials want, how they respond to different media, and how to get through to them.

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