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The Best Of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 8-25-2017

Imagine having the best marketing tips at your disposal! Our weekly “Best of Digital Marketing” blog will give you just that. For this week, our blog focuses on the SEO aspects of digital marketing, especially link building.  We’ve compiled a list of blogs that explain what a link is as well as what not to do when link building for your company.  Some other useful blogs we found have to do with other ways of connecting your business with potential customers like using push notifications as well as influencer outreach.

What is a Natural Link? (A Good Backlink)

Knowing what different types of links are is crucial for the digital aspects of your company is very important.  This article explains what a natural link is as well as many other types of links like an unnatural link, semi-natural link, backlink and more. Knowing what a quality link is will impact the success of marketing your business.

11 Lessons Learned from Failed Link Building Campaigns

Link Building is either done correctly or incorrectly and there is no inbetween.  When link building you want it to have the most important data, i.e. the name of your website and the link to it, or the name of the blog from your website and a few tags.  Many things can be overdone when link building. This blog will help you navigate your link building campaigns.

How Push Notifications Can Increase User Engagement (With Examples)

Push notifications have become a great marketing tactic.  They notify when you get an email or a Snapchat on your mobile devices.  This can be both helpful and annoying at the same time.  However, if you use push notifications for your business correctly future consumers will not find your business annoying.  Everything you need to know about push notifications is in this article.

How to Skyrocket Your Traffic by Bringing Your Old Content Back From the Dead

This article is super helpful for anyone who has a site with a blog.  Being able to use old material saves both the time and energy of continually writing new and present articles. A lot of the time, even some of your oldest blogs is still relevant today. This article shows you ways in which you can update old material to be used in the future.

10 Ways to Distribute One Piece of Content (Besides Social Shares)

There are many ways to reach your audience other than sharing your content on social media.  Personalized emails and influencer outreach or blog outreach are two ways you can share your content with the masses. Check out this blog to learn other tools for distributing your content.

If you have any more questions about link building, SEO, or digital marketing in general, Robb Digital is here to help. Contact us today to find out more about how we can build your marketing strategy.

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