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The Best Of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 2-24-17

Keeping up to date with the latest trends can be the difference between staying in the same place or moving up in the marketing world. Be the first to know about a new trend in the digital marketing world through our weekly “Best of Digital Marketing” blogs. This week, we have covered some blog topics on SEM & SEO as well as how to utilize live video for your business and how to generate content ideas for your blog.

How To Write PPC Text Ads in 2017’s Sophisticated Environment

If you are writing ads, you want to make sure you are creating engaging ads. Writing ads that are effective and unique can be difficult when the standards keep changing. Learn how to create the right ad specifically for your desktop or mobile device. Read this blog to gain new ways to optimize your ads!

How Broken Links Hurt Your SEO

Kayla Tarantino helps you understand why it is important to keep your links updated on your site. Even though the links may work when they are first attached, other websites change frequently so it is important to monitor links on your website. Learn how you can keep track of broken links as well as how to fix them.

3 Creative Ways To Use Live Video For Business

Live streaming is a new tool being used in the digital marketing world. Not many people have started to use it to their advantage, so learning how could make you stand out and make your business shine. This article will give you 3 ways to use live video for your business in a unique and profitable fashion.

7 Tools For Generating Infinite Content Ideas For Your Blog

Blogging can be tough when you feel like you’ve covered it all. Trying to come up with new ideas every week is sometimes impossible and can end up sounding like every other blog out there. There are hidden tools that can help you with this problem. Come up with a plethora of ideas that will keep your blog going for weeks.

The Biggest SEO Challenges and How To Meet Them

Even though SEO has made a huge appearance in 2016, it’s still being upgraded and changed everyday. You need to change with the trends to stay on top of the digital marketing world. Find the biggest SEO challenges and and learn how to overcome them to create the best content for your business.

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