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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 10-14-16

There is a lot happening around the web in digital marketing. In this week’s issue, we share blogs about guides on creating on-site reviews, the new global launch of Workplace by Facebook, Snapchat redesign their Stories tab, a quick cheat sheet of SEO success  factors, and Instagram changing their advertising features, there is a lot to look at. Keep reading to stay up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends from around the web.

The Complete Guide to Creating On-Site Reviews + Testimonials Pages

Studies show that about 92% of customers read online reviews and about 68% of them cite positive reviews as a trust factor. Online reviews have become very insightful due to major companies like Yelp. Reviews can positively or negatively impact your SEO. Check out this post to find out more about how to create on-site reviews and testimonial pages.

Workplace by Facebook Opens to Organizations Across the Globe

Facebook has opened Workplace (formerly Facebook at Work) to organizations across the globe. Competing with companies like Yammer and Chatter, Workplace has many features like live video streaming and  work chat at unbeatable prices. It is a great tool used around the world as an internal communication tool to bring team together.

Snapchat’s Latest Stories Tab Redesign Adds Post-roll Ads, Playlists

Snapchat is back at it again with redesign the features on the Stories tab.  Adding features like Story Playlists and post-roll ads, it is making Snapchat more like TV than ever. Check out what exactly is changing for not only Snapchat, but also users and advertisers.

The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

SEO can be extremely confusing and difficult to understand at times. However, there is a science to it. Check out this quick cheat sheet to some of the success factors for SEO.

What Marketers Should Know About Instagram’s Latest Tests and Rollouts

Instagram is changing once again. Already back in mid-June, Instagram rolled out a major change to  ad calls to action (CTAs) on the platform. However, there are new and potential changes to Instagram’s ad formats and capabilities on the rise.

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