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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 10-20-16

We have a great list of the best digital marketing content from around the web. The list includes blogs about Google’s experiment content podium and Google Assistant, how your camera could be the new search box, content characteristics, and how to organize your social media calendar.

What Google’s experimental content podium means for SEO?
Google has been testing a new content platform called “Posts with Google” which can have a huge impact on brand searches, for both paid and organic. While Google has had some struggles with developing its own social network, this new platform has some social element to it. The new platform is still in a test phase, but it will have a major impact on search results upon it’s release.

Google Assistant is only an incremental advance over current voice search
With iPhones and Androids already in today’s market, Google’s new phone, Pixel, has Google Assistant built-in. Read this blog to learn some of the pros and cons of the new phone and the features it brings to the table.

Is Your Camera the New Search Box? How Visual Intelligence is Turning Search Keyword-less?
Google Visual Search has been around since 2009, but is now becoming more often used. Visual searching addresses both convenience and curiosity. However, many people don’t know that there are many different kinds of visual searching available now. Cameras as the new search box is brilliant as it removes obstacles to search and helps us get answers in a more intuitive way.

All Content is Not Created Equal: Comparing Results Across 15 Verticals
Every industry is unique and has different reactions from their consumers. Check out this analysis on the data to develop a better understanding of what to expect from content in different verticals.

4 Helpful Tools for Organizing Your Social Media Calendar
What do cross-country road trips, weddings, and social media marketing have in common? Planning. Here are some helpful tools to help organize your social media calendar to make your life easy.

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