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The Best of Digital Marketing From Around the Web 10-6-16

There is a lot going on in the world of digital marketing. In this week’s issue we share blogs about Facebook’s new Marketplace shopping platform, how to use SEO to track your return on investment, the verification process for Twitter, the way mobile searching has changed consumers searching behaviors and WordPress’s release of advanced SEO tools. Keep reading to stay up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends from around the web.

Facebook’s Craigslist-style Marketplace isn’t open to brands, Page owners

Facebook recently launched Marketplace, a platform to buy and sell items in a local area. Similar to it’s counterpart, Craigslist, Facebook has constructed a very simple feature that poses only as a place for shopping. Facebook will not be involved in the selling, buying or exchange. As of right now, only users, not pages, can utilize this feature.

Prepping SEO for 2017: it’s all about the ROI

For many marketers, it’s time to start planning ahead for 2017. With budget being one of your top priorities, you should consider how SEO can affect your ROI. This blog will provide you with some helpful tips to determine your attribution model, set up Google search console, optimize website analytics, integrate marketing automation and more in order to measure your ROI for 2017.

How to Get Verified on Twitter

It has been kept a secret for only the most influential and highly admired public figures for so long, until now. The little blue check mark next to twitter usernames verifies that the individual or business you are viewing is in fact authentic. Twitter has now opened this feature to the public, and you can learn how to apply to be verified here.

How mobile has changed the way we search, based on 10+ years of eye-tracking studies

With new technology, and the overwhelming presence of mobile searching, consumer behaviors need to be re-considered. Chris Pinkerton, the vice president of business development at Mediative, has been tracking the ways users search and utilize their searches since 2003. Take a look at Pinkerton’s findings to make sure that your digital marketing strategy is still effective today.

WordPress.com adds “advanced” SEO tools, and it’ll make you smile

For all SEO masters, you will be pleased to find out that WordPress has added some new features that allows you to customize a site more than before. The three new tools include the ability to write custom meta descriptions for blog posts, to write custom title elements and a preview tool for different search engines and social media sites.

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