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The Official Guide to Creating the Best Instagram Hashtags

Ever wonder why hashtags are an important component of an Instagram post? Hashtags allow your Instagram posts to get noticed by users who are most interested in your content. Hashtags allow marketers to further their reach and attract their intended target audience to their Instagram page. Hashtags have the power to increase engagement and create a favorable brand image – using at least one hashtag on a post increases engagement by a large bump of 12.6%.

Adding hashtags to Instagram posts are necessary, but if used incorrectly they become pointless and inefficient. Here’s how using the right hashtags can help your Instagram posts receive the greatest amount of engagement while attracting your target audience:

1. Stay organized

Keeping track of which hashtags have or have not already been used is extremely important. You can stay organized by using Excel or an Instagram analytics tool to keep track of which hashtags you are using for each post. Tracking your hashtag activity will also allow you to see which hashtags were used on your most popular posts. Staying organized is key when figuring out which hashtag works best for your company’s image.

2. Use the right amount of hashtags

Figure out the right amount of hashtags that are necessary for each of your posts. You won’t know how many hashtags are right for your brand until you test it. Staying organized will also aid you in testing out the best amount of hashtags you should be using on each post.

3. Keep it narrow

The more specific and smaller-volume your hashtags are the better. Minimizing broad hashtags and creating ones that are more relevant to your brand will give you the engagement you want.

4. Find out what others are hashtagging

Research what people in similar industries are hashtagging to generate new ideas and more relevant hashtags.

5. Try out new/related hashtags

Instagram makes it easy for you to find new/related hashtags. When you search for a hashtag, Instagram’s search bar will show related hashtags that you can also use for your brand.

6. Follow your personal hashtag

See how your hashtag is doing by following its activity. Following your own hashtag will allow you to effectively engage with other people who are talking about your brand.

7. Develop a brand hashtag

Campaign hashtags that are successful will attract followers and increase your brand’s awareness. Developing your brand’s hashtag can be tricky, but is extremely useful when it comes to promoting new products or events.

If you’re looking for the best and easiest way to increase your brand awareness and develop a more favorable image, hashtags are the perfect tool for you. These 7 tips will help you attract the right followers and give your posts the attention they deserve! Contact Robb Digital and we will love to discuss your questions and concerns on digital marketing!

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