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How Brands Can Market with IGTV

Have you noticed a new button on the top of your screen on Instagram? Well in case you were wondering what that is and how to use it to help market your brand, we are here to help!

IGTV (Instagram TV) is a new app connected to Instagram that features fullscreen, hour-long videos. You can access this app in two different ways. The button on the top of your Instagram feed, as well as downloading the app separately.

So, what is so innovative about this new app and how can it help your brand?

IGTV is different than Instagram videos. This new app allows videos to be 60 minutes long. Not to mention that IGTV will start playing as soon as you open the separate app. IG creators explain that they made it like this to be similar to turning on your regular TV. You can also follow, like, and comment on these shows as well. The greatest part of this whole feature is that the creators can create their own show, and market to the people that already follow them. The Discover More feature allows people to explore new shows and creators which can help gain followers in the future.

How are brands using this feature to market?

Chipotle, Netflix, Nike, and even Gucci have taken advantage of IGTV. The content in IGTV can range anywhere from a one-on-one question and answer with someone representing the company, to help personalize their brand, to showing off a new product or promotion.

When it comes to IGTV, what you choose to post should reflect what your audience would want to see, and engage new viewers/followers. Most big brands have had celebrity appearances, showing new products, and featuring social media influencers. Although social media platforms aren’t one size fits all, this new way to market is so new that it has not been flooded with content yet. This is a great way to gain more of an Instagram following. Not only can this help generate more followers, but depending on your content, this app presents a new opportunity to engage with users at a deeper, more personal level. This will allow brands to show more of their values, products they provide, as well as the company culture.

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