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The Best of Digital Marketing from Around the Web 5/18/2018

Get ready for the weekend with our weekly marketing roundup! This week we are talking about engagement. The goal, of course, as always is to convert new customers, which is not always an easy task, but hopefully, this week’s collection of blog posts can help you stand out in the digital marketing landscape.

How to use the Google Analytics New Custom Audience Report For Better Remarketing

While the audience report tab in Google Analytics is not something new, they have redesigned and updated it so that you can more easily review how your remarketing efforts are performing in your audiences. You must first have audiences set up in your Analytics account, but this post by marketing aficionado Neil Patel can help you get started and use this update for your benefit!

Instagram Hashtags Don’t Increase Engagement

Shocked by this title? Don’t worry, it’s not saying to completely ditch your hashtags but don’t expect a flood of engagement from adding them to your post. Hashtags can increase the visibility of your post, but not necessarily engagement. Read more to find out how to increase engagement if your IG posts aren’t performing as well as you had hoped!

Don’t Expand Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy Without Following These 10 Critical Steps

Omnichannel marketing strategies increase paths to purchase or engagement for your business, but you should make sure you are doing it correctly. Read here to find out just how to properly unify your different channels for one marketing effort in order to get the best from your efforts.

7 Reasons Why Nobody is Reading Your Content and How to Grab Their Attention
Are you writing content but no one is reading it? People always say that “content is king” but if you are writing content that no one is engaging with then it might be time to think about new content tactics. Get your content back on track with this post from Neil Patel.

9 Web Design Tips

Outdated websites with a terrible user experience are not only cringe-worthy but also annoying for consumers. You don’t want people to hate your website, especially if it is one of their first impressions of you or your business, but luckily this infographic was put together to help you when thinking about your website design.

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