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The Best of Digital Marketing from Around the Web 11/9/18

November’s first weekly digital roundup is here to bring you the latest news in the digital marketing world! This week, we have covered a variety of topics to keep you up to date including using performance marketing for branding, marketer’s expectations for using artificial intelligence, FB’s marketing measurement tool, Link Building, and pop-up ad campaign strategy. Without further ado, dive in and check out this week’s digital marketing insights!

B2B Marketers’ AI Expectations 2018-19
Artificial intelligence is reshaping the marketing world. AI is the next big thing used by marketers to improve their businesses. AI is penetrating the B2B world as well. Marketing executives believe artificial intelligence will revolutionize the industry by 2020. Read more about marketers’ AI expectations for the upcoming year!

How to Use the Facebook Attribution Tool to Measure Your Marketing Impact
The Facebook attribution tool allows marketers to see how campaigns and ads are doing and also if they’re reaching targets. You can use the findings from the tool to improve your ad campaigns and can widen marketing efforts based on the effectiveness of different channels and the sources within them. Learn more about how to get the most of your advertising efforts and measure your marketing impact with this attribution tool!

Building Links with Great Content – Natural Syndication Networks
Want to improve your domain authority? The key to building links is by creating content that’s interesting, relevant, and newsworthy that publishers will want to write about. Find out how you can generate links from high-authority publishers using network visualization tools.

7 Rules to Get More Leads with Triggered Pop-Up Campaigns
Designing effective pop-up ads can be tricky. Pop-up campaigns are either viewed as an annoyance or a tool that has high value and increases conversion rates. Read more about the seven ways to create pop-ups that will work for your business.

Can Performance Marketing Help Your Brand Succeed?
Performance marketing has become a common tool that marketers use to determine the efficacy of their ad spending. Being able to measure the performance of your ads can help build your brand and company’s success. Learn more about how performance marketing can help build brand awareness for your business!

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