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The Best of Digital Marketing from Around the Web 11/30/18

Keep up with the latest marketing trends this holiday season. Our experts bring you the best of digital marketing from SEO & PPC to trends to watch for this holiday shopping season. Read more to catch up on what’s new in the digital marketing world and how to improve your marketing efforts!

Paid  Search Trends to Watch for the 2018 Holiday Shopping Season

The busiest shopping season is upon us. As marketers, shoppers, local searchers, and audience optimizations are three of the biggest considerations to keep in mind this holiday shopping season. Check out some of the trends to watch out for to make this holiday shopping season a success for your business.

How SEO & PPC Keyword Research Can Work Together

A well-constructed PPC campaign can benefit your SEO. Combining PPC and SEO can drive relevant clicks and traffic to your website. Read more on how SEO and PPC can be combined to benefit your keyword research.

This Simple Facebook Ad Trick Gets More Leads & Customers In 5-10 Minutes Flat

Want to maximize your Facebook ad campaign results? Remarketing your ad campaigns is a simple and quick solution to receiving more leads and customers to your website. Follow this step-by-step process to discover the best spots for remarketing in your campaign.  

7 Ways to Boost Your Bids on Google Ads

As a digital marketer, your marketing efforts should focus on Google to boost your search results. Google Ads is a great way to invest in a more aggressive form of marketing and promotion. Read more on the different ways to boost your bids on Google Ads and improve your chances of success.

The 15 Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes for 2019

WooCommerce allows marketers to easily sell products while giving site visitors awareness of the brand-buying experience. Check out the best WooCommerce WordPress themes you should be using for 2019.

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